Mountaintop Moments

Around the world, people will reflect on their own Mountaintop Moment - like Dr. King, and depict the future as they see it from their mountaintops. These inspiramercials (inspiring commercials) will be depicted through visual art, song, digital media, spoken word and more. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #MLK50Forward and #MountaintopMomements, or you can
  • To my people, Break those locks that were implanted on your minds. It’s okay to color outside the line, And
  • MOUNTAIN TOP MOMENT. City and Civic Leaders in Fort Worth, Texas announced a new MLK Heritage Trails Marker will be
  • When Hunter Beaton was 6 years old, his grandmother picked him up from baseball practice and took him home to
  • Our kids haven't had a safe place to play in years. As a proud father of 2 boys, I had
  • As a professional clown, Maryann Greco brings joy to people on a daily basis, but volunteering in a nursing home
  • I noticed a serious lack of school ready students this past year, so I had to do something! With the
  • Cameron Beck first started volunteering at the young age of 12. To his family, volunteering was simply a cornerstone of
  • Dozens of New Jersey residents got their hands dirty Sunday as part of a global effort to clean up local
  • It was a cold afternoon near Lenox station in Atlanta, where an older man stood asking for change just to
  • The main road in our small town has been a mess; there's numerous potholes, cracks, and uneven levelling for as
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